Mom of teenager..

Being a mom of a teenage son comes with the same challenges, my parents warned me about when I was my son’s age.

I remember how I was warned that one day my kids will give me the same hassles as I gave them.

It seems the joke was on me back then, because it feels like I’m getting the everything in double doses. Whilst my son doesn’t really get up to mischievous things like I did, he tends to have these teen moods that lasts longer, than what feels like forever.

My own memories of my childhood especially my teens are very vague, so it’s rather difficult to remember how moody I was.

It’s like these moods appeared from nowhere. These moods turns to anger and disrespectful behaviour which feels like I’m the one being punished.

My first reaction as per usual is to start a shouting match and ends up in giving my son a hiding. I’ve come to learn that this form of punishment simply doesn’t help.

The best punishment I’ve found is to take away his phone and other privileges like wifi and pc games and everything technology. It works wonders and it also happens to be a mood enhancer..

Sometimes all they need is a breath of fresh air..


One thought on “Mom of teenager..”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I have 2 teenagers and 1 whose turning 10 & it’s hard work! I use the same punishment – take away phones & PlayStation! It’s the only things they care for…


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