The Good Wife

As a wife you learn to grow as a person both mentally and intellectually. They patients is a virtue #truestory and it is, it’s a craft that you learn in order to tolerate the small imperfections that stems from your husband. I’ve learned that I can show interest and no interest at the same time some may say it’s called #creativity, I’ve learned that sometimes the best answer is yes, I agree with you #winkwink, I’ve learned that tolerance is key #familymatters, I’ve learned that “the big bang” wasn’t simply a theory #agreetodisagree, I’ve learned about the architecture of pyramids and the conspiracy that surrounds it #mightbetrue. I’ve learned more about history from one person than a lifetime of schooling and I’m daily educated on our solar system. I’ve learned that sometime you have to humour your husband because he believes aliens are freaking real #yeahidontthinkso…..but he is also a simple kind of man and animal lover #fortheloveofanimals


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