Purdy my German Shepherd

We found each other by chance..

What a lovely personality she has, she has warmed our hearts and feeds our souls.

It wasn’t long after our beloved Sandy (also a German shepherd) passed away that we found Purdy.

Stuck in a tiny cage at a pet shop with millions of kids screaming “yeah I might be exaggerating a bit” but that’s how it felt. She was crying bitterly and couldn’t move in that small cage.

I knew the minute my husband and so took her out of that cage she was coming home with us. It wasn’t a difficult desicion really however she cost more than a penny.

My heart broke firstly because that cage is so damn small and you could see the panic in her eyes. So we took her.

She is still a very anxious girl I think the trauma she endured was just to overwhelming.

Love thy animal..



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