When Communication wears thin..

I’ve find myself at the end of a cliff there are no distractions the silence is deafening, it takes me to a dark part of a corner where nothing makes sense anymore.

I can’t remember how it got to this place I suppose years of neglect and resentment and possibly hatred has lead me to this path.

I somehow can’t see the future, the insight it feels like I’m fighting a losing battle, if one can even call it a battle since a battle would require more than one person…..I guess I’m fighting my own demons.

The sounds of silence carries a burden on this journey it’s like a never ending heartache it feels like a flower that has lost its bloom…….no colour everything is saturated in bitterness.

I’m trapped on this hill with nowhere to go, my will power has given up and moved on to something else.

I long for those CherrySkye moons where words flowed freely and when silence was golden.

Communication is worn..


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