Bella Boo

Meet Bella Boo a stray cat I adopted at 4 months.

She has never had any human contact and lived on the streets defending herself for 4 months.

For the first 3 weeks she was room bound with all her necessaties. She hissed everytime we went into the room, however she allows me to pick her up and cuddle with her and she loves being scratched…..even purring recently.

I am teaching her to play and to trust the human race the very species that is the cause of her being born on the streets.

So she is almost 6 months and she is due to be spayed soon after. I am hoping to introduce this missy to our dogs when she is up and running again.

Don’t shop rather adopt and be responsible and have your animals spayed.

Animals should not be gifts especially to kids that can’t even take care of themselves.



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