Why should customers/clients be right?

Where did this rule originate from?

Who determines why a customer/client are always right?

Having a small business we deal with a lot of unhappy clients and to top the cherry they feel entitled to this believe that they are right even though they are wrong.

Being a pc repairs shop we judge a problem by the physical evidence in front of the clients, by certified technicians but trying to explain technology to some clients prove to be difficult as they refuse to believe that they are to blame for a problem……no we don’t just tell them “it’s your fault”, we explain the problem and how and why it could’ve happened.

It has become apparent that you simply can’t reason with some people especially when they use the “client’s are always right” trump card.

We go over and above to meet our clients satisfaction, but there are sometimes when i feel it’s best to simply cut them loose..



One thought on “Why should customers/clients be right?”

  1. Maybe it’s a matter of taking blame off them – like saying somehow xyz happened, or perhaps they accidentally did something without realising it. The key is that people don’t like to be told they’re wrong. So you have to eliminate the blame from the PERSON, and focus on the PROBLEM. Downplay their guilt. Maybe they’ll be more open to the truth then.


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