When client expect Quality for nothing or free..

I think it’s fair to say that in general people are expecting everything at low cost or free.

Why is it that people think that it’s ok to want everything for free or at discounted prices?

Now in general we believe that customer service is of utmost importance and we ensure that our clients leave our business happy campers. Then we get those customers that asked for a cheaper service however we still ensure that the quality of the work is our number one priority.

You will find that these are the clients that give you the most problems from a after service point of view. They will through their toys out of the cot for everything that goes wrong. It’s a general rule that we always advise clients that the cheaper options could lead to certain issues at a later stage, however they will insist on this options.

We also show the clients before they leave that their item is working and again explain the importance of certain dangers, yet they have the audacity to come back and insist that the item never worked and then they refuse to pay.

Although they say the client is always right, i feel that’s not always the case. Sometimes you have to learn which clients to cut off and which to retain.


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