Small Town Syndrome called drugs..

There is something to be said about living in a small town..

People seem to be extremely narrow and closed minded, yet family orientated, perhaps to family orientated.

The society here mainly consists of drug users, tik and rocks and while i’m pretty sure the problem is global it somehow feels like the small little town can’t escape the evil these drugs bring. These people are sent to the most expensive rehab facilities leaving their families ruined and penniless. They come back from rehab and the vicious cycle continuous, they come back to the same circumstances and familiarity. The worst part is that their families either condone their addictions or they simply send them back to rehab.

There are many people that managed to escape this small town syndrome by moving forward or moving onto bigger things and it’s not as if these people actually had more financial freedom, it’s a simple choice that they’ve made for better lives for themselves and their kids.

Some people have the ability to take others down that drug addicted path with them and it’s a prison that very few can escape once you’ve been enslaved. The worst part for them, would be their enablers, the very people that condone or perhaps feed their addictions. They can’t escape this addictive small town syndrome, they are here to stay, they are here to ruin more lives, they are here because the very thing that destroys them are here..

Stop feeding these people their addictions, let them go, you can only help someone that wants to be helped.


One thought on “Small Town Syndrome called drugs..”

  1. Interesting perspective. We were just talking about how maybe a small town is better in terms of less crime, but I wonder if that really is the case now. Drugs drive people to the worst of behaviour.

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