Are schools or parents breeding bullies?

Who is ultimately responsible for kids bullying another kid/s at school? The parents or principals or teachers who carries knowledge of this abuse?

With all the suicides these days one would’ve thought that the Department of Education would welcome strict and a no tolerance attitude towards bullies.

In light of the latest case of a kid’s attempted suicide. The school wanted to know what is it the parents expect from the school, are u fucking serious?

As a parent I would insist on immediate expelltion and if this doesn’t not happen approach the media like Carte Blanche, blow it up.

The fact is if a principal has not acted on various complaints one has to but wonder, why? Are they protecting their sports star or mommy and daddy’s little spoilt rich kids?

This sad reality is that when a kid commits suicide their parents live with the void and pain for the rest of their lives. But when a bullie’s future’s are in danger their parents are quick to through shit fits.

Bullies should not have the right to be educated in civilised schools they should be sent to prison of remedial schools. There parents should also be taken to task.



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