East London, South Africa

There is an unspoken beauty of East London not appreciated by many..

East London is situated on the southeast coast of South Africa.. The city lies on the Indian Ocean coast, largely between the Buffalo River and the Nahoon River.
East London is also the host of the only River Port in South Africa and even though the Harbour might not be as huge as many other cities it certainly has it’s own charms.

Climate – Well we have 4 season in one day, however we can have the most beautiful days with warm sea and river water alike. Personally April is the hottest month in the year, however the evenings can be cool and also humid.

Taking time to visit the East London Museum established in 1921 which is, notable for exhibiting of the coelacanth, a fish previously believed to be long extinct. Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer was the fish’s discoverer.

East London Museum is considered to be one of the most interesting natural and cultural history museums in the country, here you will find displays and collections of extensive beadwork and local cultural history.

Nature lovers can visit the following reseves:
East London Coast Nature Reserve, Umtiza Nature Reserve, Dassie Trail,Inkwenkwezi private game reserve,Premier Resort Mpongo Private Game Reserve. There is much that beats the beauty of our nature in East London.

The Coastline of East London certainly brags with the best beaches, sandy shores, rocky reefs and of course don’t forget about the awesome surfing spots.

Surfs Up
No doubt the most famous of East London’s surf spots is Nahoon Reef.
Surf spots – Nahoon Reef, Yellowsands, Queensbury Bay, Eastern Beach, Kidd’s Beach, Igoda River Mouth, Bonza Bay, Gonubie, Glen Eden. Wherever the weather takes you..

Yes we also have sharks in our waters..

Like most cities East London also has a lion park, snake park and touch farms for kids.

If you want to feel the fresh sea breeze through your hair, you and your family can go out to sea with Southern Cross Cruises – nothing beats the feeling of sailing through the open waters..

The coast is full of Dolphins, Porpoises and whales which you can also enjoy at Eastern Beach while ordering food from the infamous Windmill Roadhouse.

There is no lack of pretty awesome restaurants and eateries in East London, my favorite dish is fried sweet potato skins from Sanook Eatery in Beacon Bay.

The best fish and chips you will ever eat in East London – is at the fish market close by East London ski boat club at Latimers Landing.

There is certainly not a lack of entertainment, there is something for everyone, the nightlife is also vibrant not forgetting nature’s beauty.

This is my experience for the past 20 years and i’m still loving this quite little town of the southeast coast, especially since it is very family oriented..

Here are some links for more info on East London..



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