Green Juice

I’ve decided to kick of my year by juicing, green juicing simply to see what the fuss is all about..

They say that going green is high in antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, green juices aids in healthy skin. These antioxidants help to rid your skin of harmful toxins. Vitamin A, on the other hand, is crucial for cell growth and regeneration. In addition, green juices are hydrating and adequate hydration is an essential component in skin care.

I certainly feel better and it allows me to shake of that sluggish feeling.

I have lost a few kilos with green juice by substituting it with my regular breakfast especially leftover curry from the previous night, it’s a hard compromise to make as i love having a full breakfast.

Recipe as follows:
Handful Kale
Handful Spinach
Ginger (tiny piece)
Mix everything in blender with ice and water note that i don’t use yogurt or milk.

Green Juice


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