Finding a job in the New World of Work..

I manage a few facebook pages whereby i post job request and job opportunities and it has grown tremendously, it is actually quite refreshing to see how many people provide jobs through this platform.

I started these pages as i battled to find work and realized how many unemployed people there are. I basically go onto all social media sites and look jobs and post it on my pages. I get so many requests for jobs daily and i realize the struggle is real. My pages

A lot of my request come in form of inbox whereby people want to remain anonymous when i post their requests and i often wondered what the reason behind this was. It seems that there are people that are ashamed to ask for work on a social platform, especially since their family and friends also make use of these platforms. Our society has left us with no self confidence and self love to be open and honest about our situations.

A new year is upon us and i have to but wonder which industries will have a positive affect on us and give hope to further our careers or simply give us a chance. Finding a job is extremely difficult, whether your have a degree or not the challenge remains the same.

Since many companies require people with qualifications and experience, how will people that does not qualify for the above mentioned make a living? How will the manage to get a job, who will employ a person fresh from school or a person that has no qualifications?

My motto is to just keep trying…..

more to follow on this topic.






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